Animal Tone Poems

Animal Tone Poems

Delightful and imaginative titles are the creative inspiration for the music in this book. Each of the ten solos in this collection of tone poems describes various creatures: Monarch Butterfly, Sea Anemone, Black Stallion, Fawn, Dolphins, Crickets, Bullfrogs, Great White Shark, Raccoon and Blue Whale. The solos vary in length from short, one-page vignettes to longer musical depictions. Various tempos and meters and moods throughout; Keys: G, C, F modal, G-Flat, D, F minor, E modal, A; Reading range: full keyboard; Perf. time: varies from less than 1 minute to 2 minutes.

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Catalog: HL00296439
Publisher: HalLeonard
Composer: Michele Evans

Animal Tone Poems
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