CK105BJU Ohana Banjo Ukulele Concert

The Ohana CK-105BJU is an excellent choice for intermediate or advanced players who are wanting the feel of a ukulele with the unmistakeable sound of a banjo.. By combining what players love about the ukulele with the classic sound of the banjo, the new Ohana Banjolele offers players the best of both worlds! The Ohana CK-105BJU is a concert size closed-back banjo ukulele that comes with an 8” Remo Weather King Head, providing the ease of playing a uke with the distinctive sound of the banjo. Banjo ukes are usually crisp and loud and the Ohana Banjolele is no exception!

Model: CK105BJU
Manufacturer: Ohana
CK105BJU Ohana Banjo Ukulele Concert
Price: $239.00

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