23TCE Cordoba Tenor Uke Acoustic-Electric

23 Series ukuleles each feature a solid ovangkol top paired with ovangkol back and sides, rosewood bridge and fingerboard, mahogany neck, and ovangkol headstock veneer. Ovangkol ranges from rich orange to a darker brown in color, and is commonly streaked with gray, purple, or black for beautiful aesthetics. It’s tonally similar to rosewood, with a slightly fuller mid-range. The figure of ovangkol provides a gorgeous backdrop for the abalone rosette and Córdoba logo. Available in soprano (23S), Concert (23C), tenor (23T), tenor with cutaway and electronics (23T-CE), and baritone (23B).

Model: 23TCE
Manufacturer: Cordoba
23TCE Cordoba Tenor Uke Acoustic-Electric
Price: $249.95

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